Faculty liaisons

Faculty liaisons offer support for flexible learning within UBC’s faculties.


Judy Chan

Faculty Associate/Faculty Liaison (Land and Food Systems)

Email: judy.chan@ubc.ca
Phone: 604 822 5811


Sunah Cho

Faculty Liaison (Sauder School of Business)

Email: sunah.cho@ubc.ca
Phone: 604 822 8964


Jason Myers

Faculty Liaison (Arts)

Email: jason.myers@ubc.ca
Phone: 604 822 1916

Afsaneh Sharif

Faculty Liaison

Email: afsaneh.sharif@ubc.ca
Phone: 604 822 8411

Ashley Welsh

Faculty Liaison (Faculty of Science)

Email: ashley.welsh@ubc.ca
Phone: 604 822 9876


Brian Wilson

Faculty Liaison (Vantage)

Email: brian.wilson@vantagecollege.ubc.ca
Phone: 604 827 2206