Education technology and the ‘new economy’

Posted on December 22nd, 2016

Educational technology writer Audrey Watters takes a critical look at the increasing push towards computer science education. The rise in teaching students computer science and how to code is often attributed to a “skills gap” and the need to develop “job ready” students. Watters notes that despite the increased attention, the results regarding enrolments and graduation rates in computer science and STEM education are still mixed. Studying in these fields also does not guarantee job opportunities and security. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech industry has not delivered enough jobs. Watters says that it is industries that are influencing the shape and direction of the trend towards computer science. She points to a resurgence in for-profit higher education, including MOOC startups Udacity and Coursera, who have rebranded to target the post-secondary technical training market and professional development for employees.