Flipped transformation of BIOL 112: Biology of the Cell and BIOL 121: Genetics, Evolution and Ecology


BIOL 112 and 121


Principal Investigator:
Prof. Shona Ellis

This project aims to transform two courses, Biology of the Cell (BIOL 112) and Genetics, Evolution and Ecology (BIOL 121), into flipped or blended classrooms, where some course content is delivered online and some content is delivered didactically in lecture, with substantial class time devoted to the application of knowledge, data analysis, and problem solving. In addition to developing a flipped and blended pedagogy and associated resources for BIOL 112 and BIOL 121, the project will also identify high priority modular content for vertical integration in the Biology curriculum and prepare artefacts for the stand-alone resource bank for biology.

Pilots will be offered in September 2013 and January 2014, and delivery of the fully transformed courses will take place in September 2014.