Blended Psychology 304 – Brain and Behaviour


PSYC 304


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Steven Barnes

The goal of this project is to develop online modules that students can access outside of class and a system for lecture and online module annotation whereby students can have more control over their learning and the contents of Brain and Behaviour (PSYC 304). The goal of the annotation system is to encourage students to raise questions while they work through the modules and in class, to choose topical directions in class, to annotate class slides in real time as they listen to lecture materials or presentations covering a course concept, and to annotate and extend the contents of the online course modules. The general intention is that such feedback and annotation from the students will form the basis for changes in the direction of the course, for review sessions on problematic topics, and mini-lectures or in-class assignments. The online modules on six course topics (neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, behavioural genetics, epigenetics, neuroplasticity, and the ethics of animal research) will be designed so that students can access and interact with comprehensive learning resources that will prepare them for in-class learning activities. The modules will include curated web content, created video content, interactive animations, as well as opportunities for student interaction and self-assessment. There is also the potential for collaboration, for example with Claudia Krebs in the Faculty of Medicine, and for these resources to be shared by instructors teaching the same course and with other courses that might require this content. The modules will be designed in September-December 2013 and piloted in January 2014. The project will be fully implemented in Fall 2014.