Design, development, and implementation of online learning materials for core second-year Forestry courses

Faculty of Forestry, Forest and Conservation Sciences

FRST 200, FRST 201, FRST 210, FRST 211


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Suzie Lavallee

This project will support the development of online resources and learning systems (OLS) with a common look and feel for four core, second-year forestry courses. Expanded online learning systems will benefit students by permitting student interaction with materials outside the classroom or the lab, and allowing for more self-directed learning. This project also provides an opportunity to establish an online “identity” for forestry OLS, the framework of which may facilitate the use of OLS in other forestry courses. Faculty-wide impact of this project is anticipated. Evaluation of the project will examine both student and faculty responses to and uses of online resources.