iEthics – Planning for an integrated ethics curriculum in the health and human services programs at UBC

College of Health Disciplines


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Lesley Bainbridge

As part of the move to closer integration of health professional education at UBC, the iEthics project will develop and implement a new model for integrated learning. Partners in this initiative include the Committee of Health Deans, the College of Health Disciplines, the Centre for Applied Ethics, and many of the health and human service programs offered at UBC. The project brings together a working group comprising educators with expertise in curriculum, ethics, or a combination, which will develop a prototype for an integrated curriculum focused on three pillars: uniprofessional learning specific to a particular discipline, multiprofessional learning which will capitalize on technology-enabled learning common to all programs, and interprofessional learning which brings students together to apply their learning in complex cases. The working group will seek the participation of a wider advisory group with patient, community, and student representation, as well as experts in ethics nationally and internationally. A primary focus will be on flexible learning strategies that enhance learning in the area of ethical practice.