Neuroanatomy lab videos and interactive modules

Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences

BMEG 410, CAPS 301, FMED 426


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Claudia Krebs

This project will create video and online modules for three courses, Brain and Behaviour (FMED 426), Human Physiology (CAPS 301), and Biomedical Equipment, Physiology, and Anatomy (BMEG 410). For FMED 426, the creation of professional neuroanatomy and neurophysiology video modules will give students a conceptual framework to refer to as they work through course content. They will also allow students to access the material anytime and anywhere. For CAPS 301, the online modules will help students to prepare for class so that class time can focus on the discussion of functional and applied neuroscience. For BMEG 410, the online modules will be a repository of information that students can use as they navigate the world of neuroimaging. Because there’s only time to cover the most basic concepts in the course, these modules will give students with a deeper interest the opportunity to build a neuroanatomy and neuroscience knowledge base.

The content produced from this project will be posted at and will be available beyond the UBC community. These modules and course transformations will be delivered in January 2014.