Using PeerWise for DENT 430 and DENT 440

Oral Health Sciences

DENT 430, DENT 440


Principal Investigator:
Dr. HsingChi von Bergmann

This project will implement and evaluate the use of PeerWise, a tool that helps students create their own multiple choice questions drawing from class material, in two integrated clinical care Dentistry courses, Dentistry III (DENT 430) and Dentistry IV (DENT 440). The goal of introducing PeerWise in these courses is to enhance student participation and learning by facilitating greater peer teaching and learning and increasing student engagement. The project will also evaluate the effectiveness of PeerWise to deepen students’ understanding of the material and examine the ability of PeerWise to develop students’ understanding of assessment. The instructors will explore the viability and benefits of recommending the implementation of PeerWise across the faculty, and they will start to develop a question bank of top-ranked questions to be used in exams and to possibly share with other institutions. PeerWise will be piloted in DENT 430 in September 2013 and in DENT 440 in January 2014.