Asia 222 and Asia 223 – video dialogues and interviews

Asian Studies

ASIA 222, ASIA 223


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Stefanie Burk
Dr. Ken Bryant

This project will develop video material for two new courses being offered through the Department of Asian Studies in September 2013, Encountering Asia (ASIA 222) and Writing Asia (ASIA 223), the writing intensive compliment to ASIA 222. ASIA 222, a team-taught course, aims to deepen students’ knowledge of at least two Asian cultures, India and Japan. Video dialogues and interviews between the co-instructors of the course will be geared towards helping students engage with readings that address major historical, literary, and religious developments in Japan and India and enhance students’ understanding of intercultural exchange. Other online discussion and assessment tools will be included in the project. The courses will be delivered in September 2013 and evaluated and modified, if necessary, for January through March 2014.