Pillar 2: Expanded career + personal education

pillar-two-thumbWith the first extension programs in 1917, UBC embraced the concept of lifelong learning. Today, UBC delivers dozens of career and personal education programs, many through the Sauder School of Business, Education, Medicine, and Engineering.

Now UBC aims to broaden relevance and reach with expanded career-applied programs and extended academic offerings.

More choices for career learners

Targeting practitioners and professionals, these new offerings will include applied masters and certificate programs (both credit and non-credit) to help students gain specific skills as they progress through their careers.

Recently, UBC added a Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs program to its graduate-level offerings, and in January 2016, the Faculty of Applied Science launched a number of Master of Engineering Leadership programs and a Master of Health Leadership Policy in Seniors Care. In addition, UBC continues to add new UBCx Professional Education courses throughout the year.

More access to academic programs

To allow better access to high-demand courses, UBC will expand offerings (both online and in person) on weekends, evenings and in the summer months. The increased flexibility will allow current students to take more courses, or complete their degree in less time.

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