UBC CTLT Building.
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A student walking down one of UBC's sidewalks while reading phone.
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Two faculty members on a bench using a tablet
a student or faculty member sitting under a tree with a bike.

What is Flexible Learning?

For instructors:

It means evidence-based, technology-enabled teaching methods that improve the learning experience for a broader student community.

For students:

It means more choice, engagement and success.

For all:

It’s an evolving portfolio of activities and resources transforming education at UBC.

What's our approach?

Discover the Six Pillars of Flexible Learning:

What are the benefits?

Research demonstrates significant potential benefits for instructors and students.


Choice of when, where & how students learn


Stronger faculty-student engagement


Better learning & retention


Improved access

How does it work?

Discover tips, techniques and lessons learned in our case studies.

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How do I get involved?

Ready to transform your teaching practice? Take the first step with these quick links:


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