Pillar 6: Strengthened academic partnerships

pillar-six-thumbAlready recognized for its outstanding international engagement, UBC is looking to strengthen its relationships with peer institutions to mutual benefit.

Future strategic partnerships will allow UBC to diversify programs, share research capabilities and expertise, and improve student mobility.

Examples of current partnerships

In September 2014, UBC joined edX, a non-profit MOOC platform that also provides a community of institutional peers with whom UBC can conduct research into how students learn best, and how technology is transforming teaching and learning.

UBC joined edX as a Charter Member and serves on the University Advisory Board, the chief advisory body to edX.

UBC has released several UBCx MOOCs and Professional Education courses and will continue to add courses over time.

Importantly, edX will provide UBC with an open source platform and tools that can be used to support blended and online courses. Because it is a new and open source platform, edX has many features that will appeal to faculty seeking new technology to support blended learning.

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UBC has a number of academic partnerships with other universities on the program level, some of which offer a dual degree option. One recent partnership allows students to obtain a dual degree from the prestigious l’Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) and UBC.

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UBC Engineering students have the opportunity to study for a semester at partner universities in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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