Civil Engineering lab safety videos

Civil Engineering

CIVL 210, CIVL 228, CIVL 231, CIVL 311, CIVL 315, CIVL 316, CIVL 407, CIVL 430, CIVL 439, IGEN 230


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Noboru Yonemitsu

This project will create short, online instructional videos for Civil Engineering courses that have a lab component. Video content will contain instructions on safety, proper use of instrumentation, theoretical overviews, demonstrations, and calculations. Students can view the videos before labs so that more lab time can be dedicated to hands-on activities and interactions with teaching assistants. The goal of this project is to provide high quality video instruction for labs that will improve student learning and help to attract prospective students, while also providing consistent, high quality instruction across the lab courses. The videos will be developed between July 2013 and January 2016.