Developing a Flipped classroom approach for FNH473: Nutrition Education in the Community

Food Nutrition and Health

FNH 473


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Candice Rideout

This project involves the systematic revision of Nutrition Education in the Community (FNH 473). Some of the objectives of the project are to provide students with more choice in their learning and assessments; use technology, including Connect, clickers, and a blog to support learning; and to employ elements of a flipped classroom approach by encouraging students to complete some content acquisition through learning activities prior to class time, so that class time can be used for dynamic discussion, application, and synthesis. Additionally, the blog will provide a space for students, alumni, and experts in the field to interact. The course will also provide mentoring for community-based experiential learning and other practical or field-based work. The fully transformed course will be offered in January 2014.