Flexible BCOM minor program

Bachelor of Commerce Minor Program

COMM 329, COMM 398, COMM 457, COMM 458, COMM 465, COMM 473, COMM 493

~2,000 or more by the completion of the project

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Brian Bemmels

To complement the current face to face offerings in the Bachelor of Commerce Minor (BCOM) program, the Sauder School of Business will design, build, and deliver additional section offerings to students that will be called “flex sections” across the BCOM Minor. These flex sections will contain a mixture of face to face and technology-enabled learning, anticipated to be 10 percent face to face and 90 percent technology-enabled learning. Instructors will use flipped classroom strategies and individual and team-based activities, projects, and assessments. Curriculum and content curation and construction will be based on Subject-matter Concept mapping for reuse across other Sauder programs. The project will incorporate open source and Creative Commons resources where appropriate.

The project aims to expand access to a greater audience for BCOM minor courses. Sauder will pilot varying modes of flex sections to determine the optimal student experience, cost-effective delivery, and subject-matter function. The project will be implemented over three phases, and the sections will begin to be offered in January 2014 through September 2014.