Flipped classroom approach for Exploring Our Foods: FNH 200

Food Nutrition and Health

FNH 200, FNH 300, FNH 301, FNH 302, FNH 309, FNH 313, FNH 401


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Azita Madadi Noei

This project will develop a flipped classroom approach with resources that support the self-directed learning of students taking Exploring Our Foods (FNH 200). Some of the objectives of the project will be to develop a food science concept inventory, enhance the quality and availability of existing electronic resources and develop new resources, incorporate meaningful classroom activities to facilitate peer-based learning and deepen understanding of course concepts, develop a metacognition resource to support self-directed learning, and design assessment strategies.

Since FNH 200 is a foundational course, students will be able to use these materials to revisit concepts for their upper division courses or anytime thereafter. The course will be offered in September 2014.