Gender, race, sexuality and social justice in literature

Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

GRSJ 224


Principal Investigator:
Janice Stewart

This project will develop learning objects that will include video, blogs, and social media sites that will help students build core research and intercultural skills in the course Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice in Literature (GRSJ 224). Students will participate in an open and collaborative community learning project that will permit participants’ active involvement in research-intensive modes of narration, reading, and writing that constitute a generative form of knowledge mobilization and citizenship. One of the objectives of the project will also be to develop a new iteration of the online version of GRSJ 224 to meet a consistently high demand and improve assessment data. Three of the six learning modules to be developed will be piloted in May 2014 in an on-campus section, and the fully transformed course will be delivered in September 2014.