Health research methods course for undergraduate students

Department of Family Practice Research Office, Faculty of Medicine

Developing an Undergraduate Distributed Health Research Methods Course

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Ruth Elwood Martin

This project will adapt a previously developed and piloted post-graduate Distributed Health Research Methods Course (DHRMC) to make it applicable for undergraduate health discipline students. The newly adapted course will be piloted and evaluated with summer research undergraduate health discipline students. This project will also promote the uptake of DHRMC as an accredited component of undergraduate health discipline criteria by the Flexible Enhanced Learning and Foundations of Scholarship (FLEX) course, the College of Health Disciplines, and the UBC School of Nursing. The course adaptations will include modifying group face-to-face exercises to facilitated online discussions, introducing students’ peer review of assignments, and creating Creative Commons licenses so that all material is publicly available. It is anticipated that more medical learners in B.C. could develop a sustaining interest in research as a result of this project, and that the research they conduct will serve the communities in which they work.