Linguistics 100, 200 and 311 – Development of a flipped learning model


LING 100, LING 200, LING 311


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Lisa Matthewson

The Department of Linguistics is approaching flexible learning as a programmatic initiative, and the first round of courses it will transform are Introduction to Language and Linguistics (LING 100), Linguistic Theory and Analysis I (LING 200), and Studies in Phonology (LING 311). The instructors will employ a flipped classroom approach to the courses and will develop their own content to replace textbooks in two courses, LING 200 and 311. Some of the elements of the project include replacing some lecture content with online, interactive tools so students can gauge their own understanding of the content and developing visualizations of complex concepts. Parts of this project will be piloted in each course in September 2013, and the completely transformed courses will be delivered in September 2014.