Math exam resources wiki review and development

Faculty of Science, Mathematics

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Eric Cytrynbaum

This project will look at how students use the Math Exam Resources (MER) wiki and how it impacts their learning, in particular mathematical understanding and problem-solving skills. The MER wiki is a community project started in February 2012 by a group of graduate student volunteers in the UBC Mathematics Department. The MER wiki provides an open and free educational resource to undergraduate students taking math courses at UBC and elsewhere, with a strong emphasis on first and second year courses. The wiki currently contains over 1,000 fully solved questions for 39 complete UBC math exams sorted into over 100 categories. In the long-term, this project will help to ensure the permanence of the MER wiki as a resource to students, and the usability changes will position it as a learning tool that could be integrated into math courses.