Multimodal approaches to the empowerment of pronunciation teaching and learning: Creating online interactive tutorial videos

Faculty of Arts, Linguistics

JAPN 100, JAPN 101, JAPN 150, LING 100, LING 101, LING 200, LING 314


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Bryan Gick
Dr. Hotze Rullmann
Dr. Martina Wiltschko
Dr. Hisako Hayashi
Asami Tsuda
Kazuhiro Yonemoto

Pronunciation is an integral part of communication as it directly affects speakers’ communicative competence and performance, and ultimately their self-confidence and social interaction. The goals of this project are two-fold: first, through the practical use of novel visual technology, this project enables Speech Science and Linguistics students to become better speech therapists, vocal trainers, language teachers, and communicators. Second, this visual technology actively engages students in Japanese language pronunciation practices. Approximately 1,500 students in Japanese courses and 1,100 students in Linguistics will benefit from this enhanced pedagogy every year. The accessibility and practicality of these methods can encourage learner autonomy and lifelong learning. We believe the best results for successful language learning will be obtained through cooperation and collaboration between the Departments of Linguistics and Asian Studies. Moreover, the methods and results can be easily expanded to other language programs, including distance and blended courses within and beyond UBC.