Online resources for ECON 101 and ECON 102

Vancouver School of Economics

ECON 101, ECON 102, ECON 355, ECON 366


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Clive Chapple

The goal of this project is to build an online resource base for Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 101) and Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 102) that will also provide support for students in 300-level classes. This online resource base will contain a variety of materials, such as videos of lectures, screen captures of lectures, “Khan Academy-style” online tutorials, pre-lecture quizzes, peer assessment, and other online assignments. The resource base will be organized into learning modules, where each module focuses on one analytic concept. Some of the objectives of the project are to identify linkages between ECON 101 and 102 and upper-level Economics courses, accommodate a wider variety of learning styles by providing supplements and alternatives to traditional lectures and by increasing options for asynchronous learning, facilitate the use of alternative instructional methods such as flipped classrooms, and to provide an efficient method for students in upper-level courses to review the pre-requisite analytic methods covered in ECON 101 and 102. A pilot of this project will be launched in September 2013, and the full project will begin in September 2014.