Scaffolding and scaling up integrated experiential learning experiences in the Core Series, Land and Food Systems

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

LFS 100, LFS 150, LFS 250, LFS 350, LFS 450


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Andrew Riseman

The Land, Food, and Community Core Series courses in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems are engaging in experiential pedagogies by integrating community-based experiential learning (CBEL), community-based action research (CBAR), and flexible learning strategies. This project intends to further enhance student learning, including the application of theoretical knowledge in hands-on activities. The project will incorporate flexible learning strategies into the core series to enhance CBEL and CBAR initiatives, as well as develop flexible learning strategies to increase meaningful learning opportunities in the lecture settings. The project team will integrate the experience of previous flexible learning initiatives in the faculty, blend current flexible learning strategies from online to face-to-face versions of courses, and create online repositories of resources for the Core Series.