Using a collaborative lecture annotation system for teaching education

Teacher Education Office

EDUC 329, EDUC 418, EDUC 419


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Wendy Carr

This project proposes enhancements to the existing Collaborative Lecture Annotation System (CLAS) and the expansion of CLAS functionality so that it can be used to evaluate student practicum experiences. Some objectives of the project include improving authentication and managing access and improving the capacity to manage comments, upload a video response, and upload videos from smartphones. These improvements will enable students to submit videos of their field experiences when advisors are unable to observe them, and they will enable faculty and school advisors to assess a teacher candidate’s teaching performance. Students will also be able to review and peer review their classroom teaching. The increasing use of video for flipped, online, and blended class environments will also make the enhancement of CLAS of significant value across the university. The project will be developed between July 2013 and August 2014.