Using student-produced learning content for PHYS 100 and PHYS 101

Physics and Astronomy

PHYS 100, PHYS 101


Principal Investigator:
Dr. Doug Bonn

This project will develop a framework for using student-produced learning content extensively within two flipped classroom courses, together with processes to evaluate and curate this content. Students will be asked to produce a learning object of their choice that relates to the pre-reading material for the class, such as a worked example, clicker question, a media cast, or another type of artefact.

The project will be launched in Introductory Physics (PHYS 100) in September 2013 and in Energy and Waves (PHYS 101) in January 2014. The project is intended to enhance student learning by encouraging self-direction, peer learning, and deep engagement with the subject material, and it will further shift the dynamic of the class beyond a flipped classroom approach towards a genuine learning community in which all students participate and contribute to.