Learning strategies and resources to enhance learning and flexibility in thematically related courses

Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Principal Investigator:
Francis Jones

This project aims to enhance the flexibility, quality and efficiency of learning and delivery for related distance education (DE) and face-to-face (F2F) courses. The three-fold approach will be to apply current DE best practices to F2F courses, adapt F2F best practices for use online, and introduce new resources and pedagogies that work in both settings. Choosing related sets of courses ensures that resources and pedagogies developed will be usable in multiple courses and at various levels of our degree programs, thus providing contextual threads and consistency of learning tools throughout the principle Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS) departmental curricula.

Distance education and face-to-face courses will be chosen for improvement based on opportunities to share existing content and research-based instructional strategies in the two modalities. This sharing of best practices will enhance the flexibility of instruction and learning in DE, F2F and blended settings, and enable opportunities to create new, enhanced learning strategies to benefit students and instructors across the various EOAS program and service curricula.