Three takeaways from the SXSWedu Conference

Posted on March 17th, 2016

The SXSWedu Conference, an offshoot of the South by Southwest music and film festival, brought together 10,000 participants from various areas of education. An overall theme of the conference was the concept of personalized and adaptive learning, which is currently receiving considerable attention in higher education. Three takeaways that emerged from the conference were:

  • Colleges need to better explain new data tracking: students and faculty should better understand the data that is being collected and the digital presence they are leaving.
  • Professors need to learn new teaching tricks for the digital age: educational videos need to feel authentic—even if a video has high production value, students can detect phoniness.
  • Students want change: of the student presenters at the conference, one interviewee suggests that she wanted to see more bold ideas and changes rather than “tweaks.”