Are you ready for blended learning?

Posted on December 22nd, 2016

In this blog post, Tony Bates discusses challenges and strategies to incorporate blended learning into higher education instruction. Bates predicts that nearly all post-secondary teaching in North America will be blended. “The key question,” he writes, “is not whether or not blended learning will be the norm, but will it be done well or badly?” Bates acknowledges the challenges of blended learning. These include motivating students to come to campus when then can learn most things online, and a lack of resources and academic support to expand and scale blended learning. He offers several strategies for dealing with these challenges. He suggests that instructors take a course on how to teach an online or blended course, and that it be mandatory that instructors receive instructional support for online and blended teaching. UBC currently offers a four-week immersive blended course to help instructors move to a blended environment.