Finding common ground: Identifying and eliciting metacognition in ePortfolios across contexts

Posted on December 5th, 2016

A study from the International Journal of ePortfolio looks at how to identify evidence of metacognition across ePortfolios. The research team studied three groups: traditional-age undergraduate students, graduate Education students, and adults returning to school to complete a bachelor’s degree. Metacognition is a skill that involves “learning a specific subject, but also developing an awareness of…learning and thinking processes as well as an ability to monitor, assess, control, and change those processes.” Through a qualitative coding process, the team identified four key metacognition markers: awareness of transfer of learning over time; awareness of processes and strategies for learning; awareness of strengths and weaknesses in learning; and awareness of affect and values while learning. According to the researchers, the four markers explain what a portfolio with effective metacognition would look like.