Five time-saving strategies for the flipped classroom

Posted on July 22nd, 2016

To address the notion that flipping the classroom is too time-consuming, this Faculty Focus article provides strategies for instructors to save time and create a successful flipped experience.

  1. Find flippable moments: Rather than flipping everything, focus your time and energy on identifying key moments where you can flip work.
  2. Make small changes: Start by focusing on a specific lesson, and try one flipped strategy during this lesson.
  3. Build margins into the lesson: Plan margins or white space into your lessons. For example, allot extra time for challenges with technology or explaining a new activity.
  4. Rethink how your time is defined: Consider how you are already using time to prepare lectures—a flipped approach is a reallocation of this time.
  5. Do less, accomplish more: “Don’t force the strategies,” the article states. “Do whatever works for you and your teaching style. By flipping only what needs flipping, by stepping back and doing less, your students will accomplish more.”