Is video a threat to learning management systems?

Posted on April 13th, 2016

Tony Bates unpacks Josh Bersin’s article “Will Video-Based Learning Kill the LMS?,” which discusses the growing popularity of videos and how they should be used in education and training. Although Bersin is discussing the corporate training industry, Bates suggests that the same concepts apply in higher education. He notes that MOOCs became popular because they are video-based, thus not requiring an LMS. Similarly, in the flipped classroom, video is used to record lectures while class time is used for discussions, which again bypasses the need for an LMS. Bates argues that “good quality video is going to become an increasingly important part of online learning.” He points to “An Introduction to the Central Nervous System,” part of a series of videos that Dr. Claudia Krebs developed for her neuroanatomy lab at UBC, as an example of high-quality video. He argues that the LMS is not going away, and it would be valuable to reconsider how video is being used in post-secondary education.