Online education: A catalyst for higher education reforms

Posted on April 13th, 2016

The Online Education Policy Initiative (OEPI) at MIT was developed as a follow-up to the school’s Institute-Wide Task Force on the Future of Education, which explored “potential future models of teaching and learning on campus and around the world.” In this report, the OEPI examines the implications of online education on higher education, how to improve education in both online and blended learning settings, and what the implications are for universities, faculty, policy makers, funding agencies, and governments. The report provides four recommendations, which include: 1) increase interdisciplinary collaboration across fields of research in higher education (education research, Discipline-Based Education Research, social science, cognitive science, and others), using an integrated research agenda; 2) promote online as an important facilitator in higher education; 3) support the expanding profession of the “learning engineer”; and 4) foster institutional and organizational change in higher education to implement these reforms.