Three ways virtual reality can enhance learning

Posted on September 2nd, 2016

In this EDUCAUSE video, Maya Georgieva, co-founder and partner, Digital Bodies – Immersive Learning, and Emory Craig, director, eLearning at The College of New Rochelle, look at ways in which virtual reality can enhance learning.

  1. New learning experience: Virtual reality introduces physicality to learning. Georgieva points to Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, which has created an experience around ocean acidification. Participants have the opportunity to walk the shore and see the impact of what is happening in the environment.
  2. Bringing people together: Affordable consumer devices will soon be available to the public. With virtual reality, Georgieva notes that conversations can “transcend the classroom, the campus, [and] connect us globally.”
  3. A new language of film: Virtual reality is changing the film industry. In higher education, Craig says we will have to think about “What kind of media do…we produce? What kind of media do we have our students watch? How do you use this media?”