Towards a new pedagogy

Posted on March 17th, 2016

This report, from, looks at the extent to which MOOCs are enabling innovation, engagement and equity in higher education. It highlights five ways that MOOCs are currently having an impact on teaching and learning. One of the ways that MOOCs are influencing higher education is by supporting and accelerating the development of blended learning. MOOCs can be seen as a way to “[open] up the pedagogy in the classroom,” and they are “helping instructors teaching in more traditional settings develop a new confidence in experimenting with new approaches to classroom teaching.” Another topic discussed is how MOOCs are demonstrating the power of learning communities and peer tutoring. For example, edX has enabled learners to manage and form study groups, which encourage them to develop and deepen their understanding of their learning. Coursera has also seen higher completion rates with participants that use Learning Hubs, which are physical spaces that have been established for learners to access their classes.