Tower Records was doomed: The music industry was not

Posted on June 23rd, 2016

This article examines how industries innovate in times of changing technologies and how these lessons can inform higher education institutions. It provides the example of the music industry. When digital technology emerged that allowed music to be distributed in new ways, the music industry resisted. Instead of trying to save their current product, the music industry, the article argues, should have come up with an alternative to the system. Similarly, higher education institutions are in an era where they need to innovate. As online learning improves, post-secondary institutions must also progress and add value to learning beyond what the Internet offers. The article states, “The future of higher education resides in our ability to integrate all of the learning on a campus. If we can connect the learning in the classroom with what happens in athletics, residential life, and student government, if we can meet and support students where they are, if we can monitor students’ progress and well-being…then we will be doing something online courses can’t do. We will be adding value.”