FL Open House poster session

By Heather McCabe posted on June 19th, 2014

All photos by Jon Chiang.

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The following are some of the posters that were showcased during the Flexible Learning Open House Poster Session in June 2014. Our thanks to everyone who contributed to these posters.

Flexible Learning in Linguistics – Lisa Matthewson

Flexible Learning in Geography: New Approaches in the Environment & Sustainability Program – Loch Brown

Development of a Web-Based Educational Tool for Forest Floor Description and Humus Form Classification – Maja Krzic

Flipping the Neuroanatomy Labs: How the Production of High Quality Videos and Interactive Modules Changed Our Approach to Teaching – Claudia Krebs

Pharmacy 498 Flexible Learning Initiative: Student Perceptions – Arun Verma and Jon-Paul Marchand

Digital Learning Objects for the Introductory Chemistry Classroom – Amanda Musgrove

Students as Producers: Crowd-Sourced Learning Objects – Firas Moosvi

Introductory Statistics: Flexible Learning Initiative Phase I – Melissa Lee, Eugenia Yu, and Nancy Heckman

Students’ Experiences of Flexible Learning Research Project – Maryam Nabavi

Enhancing Community Based Experiential Learning Through Flexible Learning Strategies – Susan Grossman

BioFlex: The Flexible Learning Initiative in First Year Biology – Megan Barker and Martha Mullally

An Online Discussion Forum in Undergraduate Mathematics: One Department’s Experience – Wes Maciejewski

Using Multimedia Technologies in Teaching Economics to Enhance Learning and Analytical Skills – Nisha Malhotra

Teaching and Learning Fellows – Andrea Han and Warren Code