Latest TLEF projects announced

By Wendy Chan posted on April 13th, 2015

The latest round of the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) has concluded, with 60 projects receiving support this year.

The TLEF adjudication committee awarded a total of $1,412,283 to twenty large TLEF projects across nine faculties. Eleven of these projects bring new initiatives and approaches into the classroom and curriculum; nine of these projects received funding for their second year of development.

In addition, $1,215,386 was awarded to forty small TLEF projects across eight faculties and the Office of the Vice President, Students.

The projects encompass a variety of pedagogies and methodologies, illustrating the diverse and innovative work that focuses on improving student learning across UBC. Funded projects will implement approaches such as blended learning, community-based experiential learning, and the flipped classroom.

Among the large TLEF projects, the Faculty of Applied Science will implement two blended learning courses in a programmatic shift to redefine first year engineering. In the Faculty of Arts, the Departments of Linguistics and Asian Studies are continuing their collaboration to develop web-based biovisual tools to improve learners’ pronunciation. In the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, a returning project will look to further enhance student learning through experiential learning activities in both the community and the classroom. In a cross-disciplinary collaboration, the Faculties of Science, Arts, and Medicine will develop shared instructional resources to teach Statistics in multiple departments.

Created in 1991, the TLEF aims to enrich student learning by supporting innovative educational enhancements. Since its inception, it has funded more than a thousand teaching and learning projects.

The next round of TLEF funding will be announced later in the spring.