The heart of the matter: Connected, directed teaching that touches lives

By Wendy Chan posted on November 17th, 2016

Community-based, collegial and integral to student success, UBC’s Jump Start program gives international students a ‘jump’ on life and learning at UBC. Originally designed to strengthen engagement and retention among first-year international students, Jump Start has exploded in size and uptake — and not just among students. Now with 62 faculty fellows serving more than 1600 new international students, Jump Start offers faculty members a way to connect deeply with colleagues, a safe space to try out new teaching methods, and a chance to know students on an individual basis.

This 11-day orientation and transition program happens every August, right before the school year starts. More than simply an opportunity to help ease these students’ transitions to university in Canada, Jump Start offers faculty members a place to stretch their pedagogies, model professional and academic integrity, and guide the next generation of students to become confident and adaptable learners for the 21st century.

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